Security - I-X Center

Security and Guest Services personnel is provided exclusively by the I-X Center and must be scheduled through the Event Manager. The I-X Center is considered a “closed campus” unless exterior facility doors are staffed by security, due to the complexity of the facility, there are minimum requirements for security staff and loading dock patrols, particularly during move-in/out of an Event, minimum requirements vary depending on the type and size of an event. The Event Manager will assist with determining the costs and appropriate staff levels as additional staff may be required to cover breaks, entry and/or exit points, patrol lobbies, etc.

Certain Events may require an on-duty Cleveland Police Officer; qualifications will be determined at the sole discretion of the I-X Center Management Team. If the Event qualifies as a special event requiring Cleveland Police Detail, your Event Manager will contract the service directly with the Cleveland Police Department and charges will be applied to the final invoice at prevailing rates.

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