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Motorized vehicles or any diesel / gasoline engines on display are required to be inspected by a City of Cleveland Fire Inspector prior to admission into the I-X Center and are subject to the following conditions:

  • Gas tanks must be less than ¼ full.
  • Gas caps must be locked or sealed
  • Battery cables must be disconnected and taped after vehicle is moved into display location
  • Drip pans or plastic must be placed under vehicle
  • Carpet squares are required to be placed under tires on carpeted areas
  • Vehicles must be clean and dry upon arrival
  • Fire Specialist must be scheduled by I-X Center Event Manager to approve the above stipulations

The Event Manager can answer any questions about the above terms and assist with obtaining a Cleveland Fire Specialist cost estimate for vehicle inspections.

I-X Center owned motorized vehicles are to be operated by authorized / licensed I-X Center personnel only. Motorized carts (golf carts, Segway, scooters, etc.) used for convenience, excluding motorized vehicles used by patrons with disabilities, are not permitted in carpeted areas and common public space during hours of operation when general public are occupying the facility unless written approval is obtained from the Assistant General Manager or designee.

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