Floor Plans

More space than New York and San Francisco

Cleveland’s I-X Center is tough to ignore with 2.2 million square feet of space – It’s no wonder tier one sites have a hard time measuring up and why we look forward to rising above your expectations.

“There are large column-free areas at the I-X Center that gave us a lot of flexibility.”
– Hal Vandiver, Former Executive Vice President – Material Handling Industry of America

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With more than one million square feet of exhibition and conference space (845,000 contiguous square feet), the I-X Center can easily accommodate any size show.


With easy accessibility, the I-X Center offers a wonderful Conference Center designed to accommodate a wide range of events with multiple breakout rooms and a ballroom  available for banquets, general sessions and corporate meetings.


The I-X Center offers 40 acres of outdoor space for exterior possibilities along with on-site parking accommodating 7,200 vehicles.