I-X Center Ferris Wheel

The I-X Center Ferris Wheel is a signature attraction at Cleveland’s International Exposition (I-X) Center. The amusement park ride enhances I-X Center trade shows, exhibitions and special events while providing added entertainment for visitors.

The I-X Center Ferris Wheel is a permanent, 10-story Ferris wheel located inside the I-X Center. At one time, it was the largest indoor Ferris wheel in the world.

The I-X Center Ferris Wheel was unveiled in February 1992 and overlooks the 800,000 square ft. main exhibition floor. It soars 125 feet, with 35 feet extending through the I-X Center’s roof in a glass atrium, providing riders with views of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and the downtown Cleveland skyline.

The wheel has 20 gondolas, each of which seats 6-8 people and can accommodate up to 160 riders. Sixteen different computerized programs create kaleidoscope effects with the wheel’s 6,000 multi-colored incandescent lights.

The Ferris wheel was manufactured by Chance Rides in Wichita, KS. A 100′ x 200′ opening was made in the I-X Center’s 80 foot ceiling and enclosed in a glass atrium to accommodate the wheel. The Ferris wheels weights 60 tons and is powered by eight 7.5 horsepower variable-speed electric motors.


Ferris Wheel Fun Fact
The first giant gondola wheel was built for the Chicago Columbian Exposition in 1983 by a bridge-building engineer names George Washington Ferris. Nearly 1.5 million people rode Ferris’ giant wheel during the 19-week exposition.